IPL Packaging that Comes up Roses

In their search for infinite elegance and refinement that would cater to discerning clients in the online floral market world, this dynamic duo realised that what they envisioned had yet to be created, and so, launched bespoke USA-based online floral arrangement and delivery service – Via Florelle.

In their quest to source the world’s finest blooms, together Zara and Ani discovered breathtaking roses cultivated by skilled artisans in Ecuadorian farms. Looking to elevate these flowers to the realm of exceptional experience and powerful simplicity they looked to employ unique methods of packaging and design (that would also help to preserve the roses), and ensure that the flowers were as breathtakingly beautiful upon delivery as when first picked.

With this in mind, IPL Packaging were briefed to design and create a beautiful box that would hold each bloom individually and display each floral arrangement to optimum effect. The arrangements were to be exquisitely presented and well received.

Fashioned out of premium crystal acrylic, the IPL design team created a breathtakingly beautiful square box, not only sleek and linear but also allowing ‘the blooms to seduce for themselves’ says the Via Florelle site. Created entirely of crystal acrylic, the square box consists of a lid and base along with 2 inner layered levels (a top and a bottom acrylic sheet) featuring die-cut holes – aligned in order for the blooms to be perfectly inserted and arranged. Round acrylic ‘legs’ attach one insert sheet to the other and allow them to be removed as one unit.
The box outer features the Via Florelle brand on an embossed aluminium plaque complete with metallic printing.
For more information, visit https://viaflorelle.com