Glenlivet 35YO Duty Free

Glenlivet 35YO Duty Free

The Glenlivet celebrated 35 years of Dubai Duty Free (DDF) with the release of an ultra-premium limited edition 35 YO whisky, with packaging developed by IPL Packaging.
A special spirit to mark a special anniversary, this rare expression, The Glenlivet’s first 35 YO release, was entirely exclusive to Dubai Duty Free and limited to only 35 bottles. 

Head of Design and Innovation at IPL Packaging, LB Odendaal commented, “We’re understandably proud to have produced the packaging for this rare and exclusive whisky; packaging that captures the distinguished characteristics of the whisky itself and also stands out through its high quality finishes and technical innovation. 

Master Distiller, Alan Winchester said, “Befitting of the anniversary and in celebration of our long-lasting relationship with Dubai Duty Free, we matured this exclusive edition for over 35 years, in a hand-selected cask carefully chosen for its rich character and exceptional quality. Crafted under the watchful eye of our team of artisans, only 35 bottles have ever been produced, with its rarity equaled only by its quality.”

Each bottle of the rare spirit was individually numbered and packaged in a handcrafted wooden box containing a signed letter from the Master Distiller himself. 

Each of the wooden cases was created from solid ash wood with a mahogany stain and features a closing mechanism, consisting of a milled aluminium sliding latch with a sprung ball-bearing catch and copper electroplated finish matching the branded aluminium bands on both the top and bottom of the pack, each featuring laser engraved and ink-filled brand details. 

“Central opening gullwing doors rotating on hidden pin-hinges hero the product within,” explains Odendaal.  “With the bottle itself held in place by a special, custom-made aluminium and polypropylene bottle yolk.”

The metallic ink silkscreened age statement on the back of the box helps to augment and establish the correct value perception, whilst the inner door of the case a leather strap secures The Glenlivet 35YO branded booklet. 

“Just as the ‘unhurried maturation’ adds complexity to the liquid’s flavour, resulting in a ‘beautifully balanced’ whisky, so the packaging has a lot of work to do,” explains Odendaal.  “It needs to communicate a sense of the whisky’s heritage, that it’s an individual expression of the distiller’s craft, but balanced with innovation,” he says. “You’re leading someone to the story of the product instead of shouting at them, and consumers need to experience that sense of discovery.’