From Infinity to Beyond

Our recently designed infinity box created quite the buzz when under the spotlight at this year’s LuxePack NY Show. Our Innovations Team is continually looking to experiment with new materials and technologies.
The dual purpose rigid board box, functions not only as a purposeful and beautifully designed (in this instance) secondary packaging for a 70cl bottle of champagne but also doubles as a self-contained, illuminated, bottle glorifying display.

The infinity box integrates electroluminescent light panels, mirrors and a rechargeable power supply into the body of the pack.
When the light is switched on, the bottle is illuminated and reflected onto the back mirror so that when viewed through the front one way mirror window the illusion of an infinity effect is achieved.

The IPL Development team is currently working on a second generation box, utilising LED Panels, to increase the luminosity, decrease the power supply and refine the construction, to offer a product that is lighter, brighter and even more cost effective.

The second generation box will be shown off at the Luxury Packaging Show in September in London.