Digital In The Drinks World – Imagination is the only limit

This week we had the pleasure of attending ‘Digital In the Drinks World¹, a BDX meetup in Glasgow featuring a number of interesting speakers and chaired by Grant Ruxton of Boyd Digital (@GrantCRuxton).

Whilst it’s often hard to imagine how the digital world can enhance people’s experience of consumables such as liquor, this event showed that the only limit to companies in the drinks industry successfully interacting with their consumers and potential consumers is, quite simply, their imagination!

Isla Mercer (@diaryofbeergirl) of Bruichladdich expressed that e-newsletters and targeted mailing continue to remain relevant ways of updating and communicating with our target markets, but that a gradual build-up of new followers using genuine, honest social media posts that are true to the brand is equally important.

From Gerry Campbell (@gerrycampbell69) at ORB Group we learned that a digital presence can lead to (sometimes surprising) collaborations and innovative partnerships that can, in turn, refresh brands or even introduce them to new markets.

Finally, from James Hughes (@BrewgooderJames) from Brewgooder, whose whole existence and success to date could be, at least partly, attributed to the use of digital means to raise awareness, we find that sometimes, all you need is a chalkboard..and a photo share from one of your competitors and that you can get beer delivered monthly direct to your office, and support Brewgooder’s mission to bring clear water to a total of 1m people in the process!