As part of IPL’s ongoing explorations into different packaging mediums we continue to see glass as an interesting packaging option for both today’s products and tomorrow’s renewable needs.



Aiming to explore new design directions and to illustrate how a medium such as glass can add weight and quality to secondary packaging in new and exciting ways, the IPL Design and Innovations team embarked on the development of a luxury tempered glass watch/jewelry box. 


“Much of the motivation behind this NPD project was inspired by the all-natural, alluring qualities of glass,” says LB Odendaal, IPL’s Head of Design.  “We also understood that, as a packaging material, tempered and toughened glass has exceptional strength, is scratch-resistant and able to be laser engraved. It also lends itself to several printing and finish options.”



“In our development of the metal-framed glass display box we tested several treatments,” he explains. “Graphic digital screen printing was applied to the inner/ reverse side of the glass doors. We then employed a vacuum metallising (PVD) finishing treatment to the outer face of the glass in order to provide a luxurious sheen,” says Odendaal. “A laser-engraved logo applied to the outer face served to further enhance the premium feel of the box.”


“The pack’s custom-designed sliding opening mechanism was based on a steel ‘sliding runner’ system set into a wooden base frame, with the doors of the box held shut with an inlaid magnetic closure, pocketed directly into the glass panels to provide seamless finish,” he says. “Upon opening the sliding glass doors, the suede-wrapped EVA product fitment and booklet holders are revealed.” 



“As with all our packaging solutions, here we looked to successfully combine innovation, functional minimalism and design to help heighten the user experience,” comments Odendaal. “This elegant gift box demonstrates just one of the unique ways in which we’re able to use glass packaging to tell the story of a brand, create glass packaging designs that stand out on the shelf and, simultaneously, help brands meet sustainability goals.”


“When you look at glass enhancement processes such as etching, silk screening, enameling, frosting, polishing, staining and lamination… to name but a few, you realise the options for the creation of impactful, versatile and beautiful glass packaging are endless!”