Blue Skye Thinking

For IPL’s newly appointed Senior Industrial Designer, Skye King, design is all about problem solving & creating the best possible iteration of a product.  For Skye, the thrill of her new role lies using her extensive technical skills to continue expanding IPL’s design capabilities. Engaging in hands-on conceptual and technical development processes, she’ll help to introduce new and sustainable ways of looking critical packaging design aspects such as closures, finishes and tooling. At the the same time she plans to focus on combining full functionality and clean aesthetics into each design.


“Attention to detail, ultimate functionality, product quality, fantastic user experience and the sustainability of the product life-cycle, to me these are all extremely important,” she says. “What’s also crucial is that the design process and the design itself have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.”


“Biomimicry (systems modeled on biological/ natural entities and processes) has been an important tool in helping me achieve this. I believe this is vital in addressing the demand for sustainable packaging and ethical design that shows greater responsibility,” she states.


If making space for creativity entails letting your guard down, opening your mind to new ideas, taking courage to go into unknown territory and risking falling on your face.. .then Skye is certainly no stranger to these scenarios.


“I’ve been riding motorbikes since I was little and now own a BMW 650GS. It may be big and heavy, but it’s honestly been one of the most formative experiences of my life!” she says. “I love to spend weekends exploring remote areas and am currently trying to ride every out-of-the way dirt pass I can find! Ultimately, I’d like to teach other women how to ride, simply because it does so much for you as a person and allows you to experience so many amazing things!” 


“I also love scuba diving and spending time in nature!” she says. “Hiking is also another favourite pastime of mine and helps to keep me sane during the week.” 


Skye’s adventurous nature is a testament to the pure power of creativity and risk-taking that’s needed to ultimately help change the packaging game for the better. “Making a difference through my work is really important to me. I’m really looking forward to working with the IPL Design Team to help further innovate all aspects of the packaging development process. It’s a team process and I’m excited to see the outcome of our collective creativity.”


One thing is certain, we can look forward to Skye’s ability to create fearlessly in the year to come, helping the IPL Packaging Design team to continue to push the boundaries in the creation and production of bold, functionally and visually appealing packaging that packs a progressive punch!