A Sterling Solution

In 2017, several press articles featured the Sterling Vineyards’ Iridium wine packs custom designed by IPL and individually engraved and gifted to each Emmy Awards winner on the night of the ceremony.

We’ll be attending many of these events as we continue to stay ahead of the very latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the packaging industry.

The Emmy’s official Governor’s Ball after-party proved a fitting stage to unveil the inaugural 2014 Iridium vintage where, encased in its magnificent high-spec packaging, it garnered significant media attention.

Following the success of this impressive launch, Sterling Vineyards (part of The Treasury Wine Estate portfolio) approached IPL Packaging to create a similar packaging solution for Iridium, this time for use in the retail environment.

IPL revised the material and manufacturing processes to ultimately develop a pack with similar appearance and visual impact, yet appropriately tailored to the retail market and more cost-effective to produce.

Electro-plated SBS plastic replaced the stainless steel fitments used on the Emmy’s pack and the thickness of the acrylic (PMMA) tube was reduced. The laser engraved branding present on the Emmy’s pack was changed to in-mould branding with an additional ink-fill.

As with its Emmy equivalent, IPL also looked to create maximum visibility of the product with the 360-degree view provided by the clear tube. The resulting Iridium packaging represents a future filled with opportunities for innovative wine packaging formats at IPL.

Issued by: IPL Packaging – February 2018