A Spirit Reawakened

IPL is immensely proud to have developed customised packaging solutions for two Rosebank limited edition single cask whiskies, the first official bottling to be released since the Lowland distillery’s reopening.


Ian Macleod Distillers purchased the formerly mothballed Rosebank site, once the beating heart of the Scottish town of Falkirk, in 2017. 


Thus began the painstaking process of restoring and reopening of the coveted distillery…



The February 2020 release of the Rosebank Cask Number 433 and Cask Number 625 limited edition single malts therefore represent a pivotal milestone in the bringing back to life this Lowland malt distillery, once feared to be a lost classic representative of the species.


“We wanted to help the brand create packaging that expressed a luxury modern feel, whilst still referencing the timeless elegance and peerless character of the malts themselves,” explains IPL’s Head of Design, LB Odendaal. “We therefore set about reimagining an existing design and transforming it into a tangible reality.”


The result is a striking wood veneered MDF cylinder with laser engraved and ink-filled rose images and branding details on the outer structure.

The cylinder features copper anodised aluminium screw thread closures, with engraved and ink-filled detailing features on the inner screw fitment. 


A matching copper anodised aluminium plaque with multicolour printing is present on the outer of the pack. 


The top of the pack features an inlaid metal ring, in copper, and screen-printed branding.


The interior is comprised of a beautifully embossed fabric-wrapped inner lining with fabric wrapped EVA fitments, whilst the underside of the cylinder has a felt base in a matching colour, to prevent damage to surfaces. 


With the distillery’s redevelopment well under way, it’s an exciting chapter for Ian Macleod Distillers and Rosebank. Fans and whisky connoisseurs can look forward to savouring further exciting releases in the coming years.