7 Secrets of Highly Successful Packaging

Shelf Impact Packs - IPL Packaging

The second in a series of seven, IPL Packaging discuss another of those vital attributes that take packaging from ordinary to exceptional.


Secret #1 – SHELF IMPACT


The most effective and successful brands are those that stand out distinctively – and packaging design is a critical element for effective brand standout.


Even the most globally recognised brands are constantly on the look out for ideas that’ll set their products apart on the shelf and, whilst high-quality packaging undoubtedly provides product appeal for consumers and helps products catch the eyes of their target markets, there are other factors that ensure a product will capture customer attention.


“Many of the packaging solutions created by IPL are designed to provide the individual brand with crucial visibility on store shelves,” says LB Odendaal , IPL Innovation and Design Manager. “As part of the design process behind these packs, we look at related aspects such as colour, shape and material. These are all factors which help to enhance on-shelf visibility, elicit an emotional reaction, and aid in the final purchasing decision.”


A twist on the standard design styles for a product categories can help the brand enjoy increased visibility, allowing it to stand out from a sea of similar products explains LB. “For the 3-pack rollerball fragrance offering from DKNY, for example, we designed a compact rigid board pack that unfolds into a unique easel-like display format and showcases three travel-ready fragrances lodged in an easy to use press-release vac tray,” he says.


“The easel-type display of the fragrances provides the ability to successfully exhibit on shelf with the product visible and also enables consumers to optimally engage with the product, both when the pack is open and when it’s closed,” he comments. “This unique approach to the packaging and merchandising of EDP rollerballs allows DKNY to stand out in the market segment, particularly in a product category acknowledged as difficult to display.”


Memorable shapes can also initiate a process of evaluation and brand preference. Shapes very often determine the first impression of a product and differentiate it. “For Ardberg 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky we worked closely with the client’s design team to create a tin containing a single bottle of the spirit,” says LB. “Shaped like the Ardberg Distillery warehouse and complete with corrugated iron ‘roof’ or lid, the unique shape and material choice of the packaging allows the product to stand out in a sea of similar whiskies.


It also stands to reason, that (in most instances) the more words one adds to the packaging design, the less the opportunity to use colour and shape effectively. Using impactful text is important for shelf impact. In the Ardberg example the brand name is boldly depicted with very little other wording fighting for attention and creating shopper conflict.


Sometimes too, a pack that enriches the customer experience with bespoke design attributes also creates a higher perceived value of the product and better shelf impact.. Explains LB, “IPL created a premium display box for Buffalo Trace Distillery’s O.F.C. Bourbon Whiskey. The pack comprises of an MDF wood grain paper-wrapped cylinder finished with a high gloss lacquer and with O.F.C. branding prominently borne on a copper plaque. Importantly, the cylinder has a unique swivel closure and internal spinning mechanism that allows for striking on-shelf display. Upon opening the revolving door on the oval box, the bottle also proudly displays on a small riser. “


Whatever the packaging brief, shelf impact is a factor that we at IPL are constantly testing and exploring in our designs. By leveraging the power of innovative packaging we always look to create a higher-quality product that stands out against its competition.