In an industry that embraces art, history and craftsmanship, few tequila distillers do it as well as Tequila Herradura.


The brand’s tequila distillery has been in existence in Mexico since the early 19th century and is today renown as both an innovator and, at the same time, a defender of traditional tequila making. Surviving revolution and competition, Herradura (which means horseshoe in Spanish, so named for the finding of a horseshoe on the property) has become one of the most respected tequila brands in the world.


IPL were tasked to design packaging for this esteemed agave spirit. The result was an eye-catching 0.25mm tin pack, shaped so as to enhance the brand’s recognisable horseshoe logo. The structure was designed to facilitate both horizontal and vertical merchandising and stacking and to create a clear point of difference that allowed for bold, impactful shelf presence.




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