Project Description



Creating sustainable alternative packaging is one of the main drivers of innovation at IPL, which is why we have investigated the use of cork in our product designs. Cork is 100% natural, responsibly grown and completely recyclable, furthermore it can be reworked back into raw material and reshaped into new products with very little waste.

In our investigations into developing solid mould cork packaging, we found that the moulding process allows for a pack to be made out of a single material, thereby forgoing the need for adhesives, additional bottle fitments and even printed graphics due to the ability to laser engrave branding onto the cork.

The moulding process requires pressure and heat, bonding the composite cork into any shape that complies with simple mould extraction principles. The result is not only visually attractive (as in the ‘Santa Maria’ prototype example pictured), it also offers wonderful protection for wine and spirits against temperature variations as well as any possible negative effects from storage and transport conditions.