We’re reflecting on numismatic packaging solutions after our IPL team’s trip to the World Money fair.


Melding shapes, graphics and materials to create appeal on many sensory levels: visually, tactilely, emotionally, here are 4 conceptual design solutions our design team has come up with:


A gold tower ‘time capsule’ tin with heavy embossed detail.


With the aim of attracting attention and connoting the high value of the single coin it contains, the team conceptualised a towering tin with a gold metallic finish and heavily embossed brand details, as well as clockwork mechanisms to denote the passage of time.


The capsule also featured a viewing portal through which the detail of the coin could be viewed.


Upon removal of the outer metallic sleeve, a freestanding vertical display case reveals the coin, a small notebook (containing important information for the coiner to leave for future generations) and a certificate of authentication, each housed in individual compartments.


The vertical EVA fitment tray, containing each of these items, was backed in a metallic finish to provide a sophisticated contrast with the gold outer sleeve.


A luggage-styled packaging solution to house a special 50p silver proof coin.


Designed as rigid board box complete with a small inner lip, the box featured hardware latches and handle with a patina effect to portray an aged feel. The paper-wrapped rigid board corners of the box reinforce the suitcase style aesthetic.


The coin itself is housed in a removable, transparent coin case within a separate, and also removable, flocked EVA fitment. Beneath this is housed a booklet.


The box is also designed to contain a certificate of authenticity positioned within the inner lid.


A 12mm MDF case complete with a wood veneer, metalised hardware hinges and a push-button closure


This refined and elegant case is designed to house a number of coins, each visible through lenses in the case lid.


Each lens is rimmed in metal in order to reflect a porthole appearance. Upon opening the box, a flocked forming encapsulates each one of the coins.


Additionally, we devised a cost-effective alternative to this design that constituted a 3mm MDF box with paper hinges and with silkscreened veneers around each lens replacing the metal elements of the higher-end solution.


Brand elements were silkscreened in silver on the outer lid of each of these options.


A tin case with a 50’s inspired style


Inspired by the look of a 50’s retro style refrigerator, this coin case features a tin body with heavily embossed detailing on the lid.


The lid is secured to the case by means of pips, a latch and a decorative rubber seal.


The inner compartment of the case reveals flocked forming and a card cover with separate doors (each with pull-ribbon tags) to house a diary, coin and certificate of authenticity.

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